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How I earned 1400 dollars in a day as a food delivery rider

Updated: May 4, 2020

23 April 2020. Day 2.

Having decided to donate all of my earnings from being a food delivery rider to charity I notified a few friends of my plans and asked them to support me. I had a great response and raised $1449 in the first day.

Thanks to all of these people for their support on my first day of fundraising....Tim Walter, Ronnie Smollet, John Norfolk, Jack Cullinane, Dom Lane, Mike Hemmingway, Dom O Shea, Andrew Hutcheon, Anthony Garreau, Scott Anderson, Nick Marsh, John Huang, Matt Zatto, Mo Yasin, Jahan Rezai, Rob Benson, Simon Lloyd, Ross Plain, Sam Balls, Shin Bin Lim, Adam Smith, Glyn Vince, Huziana Deville, Roger Chi, Ning Lim, Esther Lim, Chrisofbo, Fred Rees, Anne Marie Chua Timmer, Cedric Gouillardon, Neil Walters, Richie Pugh, Martin Rigby, Jean Nabaa.

I delivered 11 meals and it was a joy to be out and about. People miss interacting with people. My only challenge were some interesting (actually, frustrating) encounters with security guards who sometimes do little help one quickly go about one's work.

I walked into a condo at 9 PM tonight. I was dressed in a bright green shirt which has “Grab Food” written on the front. On my back, I was carrying a bright green food container which was similarly adorned. “Before I can let you in I need to know, what is the purpose of your visit?” asked the security guard. “Well, I’m not here to tune their grand piano, am I?” was my response.

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