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30,000 dollars raised

14 May 2020. Day 22.

I'm very pleased to report that we have raised 30,000 dollars in donations and pledges so far to support the Children's Cancer Foundation to enhance the lives of children, and their families, impacted by cancer.

Your support has been both humbling and inspiring. Thank you very much indeed for your generosity.

Breakdown :

$18,398 Fixed donations : (already received via direct to charity giving site)

$11,700* Donations pledged based on how much I earn as a food delivery rider

*Pledges from people donating this way amount to 5.85 times my earnings as a food delivery rider. I have committed to earn at least 2000 dollars as a food delivery rider and have calculated this figure based on that. That said, I've already earned $1500 as a food delivery rider and with 2 and a half weeks to go, I hope to earn more than $2000. If I do, donations will be higher than stated here.

For regular updates see fundraising progress.

Click here to find out how to support.

Thank you.

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