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13,000 dollars committed so far

30 April 2020. Day 9.

Since starting this campaign to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation, I have made 80 deliveries; worked 30 hours and covered 300 km on my bike. But, how much money have we raised so far for the Children's Cancer Foundation?

Commitments made by many generous supporters so far are as follows:

Fixed amounts : $3,869

Donations as a multiplier of my earnings : 4.65

My commitment : earn $2000 as a food delivery rider

Total commitments = (4.65 x $2,000) + $3,869 = $13,169

Thank you to everyone who has been so generous in their support of this campaign to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation to help improve the quality of lives of children with cancer and their families.

The direct-to-charity giving facility is now set up. Click here to donate directly to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

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