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Help me raise 100,000 dollars for the Children’s Cancer Foundation to help improve the quality of lives of children with cancer and their families.

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Help me write a fundraising plan

4 May 2020. Day 13. 13 days of delivering food for charity have raised just over 15,000 dollars for the Children's Cancer Foundation...

13,000 dollars committed so far

30 April 2020. Day 9. Since starting this campaign to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation, I have made 80 deliveries;...

5,000 dollars raised so far for the CCF

27 April 2020. Day 6. First major milestone. 35 days to go to raise100,000 dollars for the Children's Cancer Foundation. Click here...

I donated my birthday to charity

Sunday 26 April 2020. Day 5. I turned 49 today. With no opportunity to meet friends and family what better way to celebrate than by...

What am I doing? And why?

During the Singapore lock down, I’ll be working as a food delivery rider and donating all of my earnings to charity (Children’s Cancer...

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